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Mass effect 2 lesbian romance

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However, the crying bit struck me as a wee bit pander-y, "ohh, I'm really all soft and vulnerable inside and I need a big manly man to cuddle".

I equal parts want to bang her and protect her. I just wanted Sheppard and her to be friends — not lovers. Ass dance xxx. Liara is the best romance in the game hands down tali is annoying IMO Miranda is ok I cheated on liara wit her b4 the dlc lol but that dlc was perfect really I hope da next game has more missions with that cinematic quality that puts sum movies to shame.

Although, truth be told, they do tend to be a bit of goodie two shoes versus hard-core thieves. Mass effect 2 lesbian romance. Her predicament reminds be that of Rogue from X-men. Liara may be your favorite love interest, and I have nothing against that. Who did you romance in Mass Effect 2 and why? She can never touch or kiss anyone without some preparation, and risking a serious infection.

I have been asked why I don't play men first. This will likely increase the time it takes for your changes to go live. Like River she spent her childhood locked up in a lab being experimented on and trained to be the ultimate weapon. Black naked fat girls. But it doesn't help that her romance is painfully bad You almost never see a book based in a video game based universe to have any kind of literary value.

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Mass effect 2 lesbian romance

Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts. I agree that they intentionally pulled back due to previous experiences, but I don't think Jack's sex scene would've been all that wild anyway, considering her romance story arc.

They would not want to take any chances in offending homophobic fucks and lose sales. Who would be to blame for the inedible mush you ended up with?

I agree with you on that. Unless Kaidan's gotten head trauma and thinks he just got laid with a woman! I like that the romance options are there, it's very captivating. Something that I would actually like to see is something beyond the forced "now kiss" option and instead have the options to grow into best friends or just people who are forced in the same boat to save the world but might kill eachother afterwards because they can't stand the sight of eachother kind of situations.

I'm a fan of femshep and I would like to try Jack LI as a femshep. Am I stereotyping because of the shaved head and bitchy attitude? Again, both of these options are AFTER you have completed the mission the date option being for when you regain Kelly, and obviously Morinth isnt going to kill you while the reapers are still the current threat. Liara's in ME1 was terrible. No harassment, flaming, discrimination, bigotry, unsolicited sexual commentary, or incitement of illegal activity.

This is probably mostly because BioWare just swapped Scott for Sara. With Jack however, you have to be a bit of a dick. It had nothing to do with Miranda being hot.

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There was this hilarious phone call on Joystiq's podcast where a guy complained he couldn't get his Female Shepard to romance Miranda.

But hey, haters gonna hate. Girls naked everywhere. This thread is locked. Mass effect 2 lesbian romance. There is nothing wrong with it and no I don't feel betrayed because for the relationship to start I would have to help it along and that is the problem. Out of the big 3 Microsoft, Nintendo, Sonywho is the most anit-consumer? For example my most memorable moments of DA: Personally, I have no problem if same-sex romance exist as a way to portray or normalizing LGBT relationship in this medium, but what was the point of it all if it was only available because people only want to see more 'girl on girl' action and because someone was uncomfortable playing their opposite sex and even more uncomfortable when they're playing someone who is straight.

Some of those storylines contain boning. Are the novels any good? I love Romances in things. Did that have a romance? And she seems to swing both ways, unlike other ladies of ME2. There Will Be Brawl. I am so sick and tired of posts like this. January 30, at It was really disappointing that Liara and the Asari consort were the only alien romance options. Girl tied up fucked hard. Sure, it made playing femShep more enjoyable for me to have an option to romance Liara since as a guy I can't bring myself to flirt with any man, but it wasn't all that much different then the mShep romance save a few seconds in the cabin before Ilos.

Press Release Watch Adventure Time: Couldn't you at least do it with Liara in the first one? But without knowing why that thing worked, how it fit in with the rest of the game, or even if that was actually the thing they really enjoyed see things like the Skinner box for how easy it is to confuse people between why they think they're doing something and the psychology behind why they actually arethose demands are just uninformed nonsense.

I just think it'd be cool for others. The romance between Charr and Ereba wasn't depicted that bad. Is Miranda getting over her Daddy issues?

That's why I was pissed at the ending, not because it was shit writing but it was but because there was no real way to role play it.

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Jack was hurt, betrayed and screwed over so many times she is permanently and almost irreversibly broken inside. I don't enjoy that. His loyalty mission was weak, but if you ask me, Garrus's One of my favorite characters and Grunt's were far worse.

I'l argue that ME2 has wonderful bromance. For example, Asari dancers are present in the clubs in both gamesand you have a decidedly male posture if you should happen to choose to click on one and sit down.

They lessened this a bit in the later games but I still liked that they gave that option.

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