Know Taíba

Taíba (small village in local language) is a fishing village that  remains authentic, although the great tourist phenomenon that deprived other littoral cities of Brazil. 

With a small urban structure, but great natural beauties, Taíba is ideal for Surfing, Kite Surf, Wind Surf and Sand Board, or for people who search a calm place, without much night life and with great options for intense contact with the nature.

Taiba beach, district of the São Gonçalo do Amarante, about 60 km from Fortaleza, is a piece of the paradise in Ceará. Gorgeous beaches with natural swimming pools in rocky, falesias formations, dunes and lagoons, its 3500 inhabitants live in harmony with the nature and its visitors.

It has two public schools, a gas station,  a small hospital, rank, pharmacies, some inns and some restaurants. The commerce is basic, you will not find sophisticated itens. Beaches with natural swimming pools in the low tide, good waves and strong wind for aquatic sports, great dunes with water lagoons candy and much sun for more than 300 days in the year.